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Staying Upright After Surgery - Recliner
Staying upright after surgery
Don’t forget to pull out the recliner when it comes to eyes, neck, head, sinus, breast, chest, and abdominal surgery.  Most of the time, surgeons will ask you to sleep upright after surgery for 24-72 hours to decrease swelling by being in the upright position of a recliner.

It may be difficult to get out of bed from a flat position because of the area of the incision.  Being in a flat position without a recliner may also cause tension at the incisional site, and therefore cause the incision to reopen, which may necessitate a return for emergency surgery.  Not good.

Instead of a recliner you can also use a futon. Although for some it might be too low to move in and out of a futon.

So other options would be to rent from a furniture store such as Cort Furniture Rental, or to buy a used one from a thrift store like Goodwill, or from the Salvation Army.  You can have the used recliner professionally sanitized and covered before using it.

If your budget allows for some splurge, you can find recliners that offer massage and even heat therapy.  It would be like going to a spa without leaving your home!  

Always think twice before you throw away or donate your recliner.  As we age, we might need it for sitting up to take a break from resting all day in bed, coming home from being hospitalized, or for rehabilitation for a long-term recovery from a recent surgery or ailment.  It can also help to prevent pneumonia, atelectasis(partial or complete collapse of the lung) and muscle atrophy.

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