Day of Surgery

What to Expect on Day of Surgery
Day of Surgery Checklist
1) What to Expect as a Patient on the Day of Surgery:

     -No jewelry and no body piercing - all must be removed.

     -Remove all clothing, including underwear.

     -Leave all valuables at home.

     -Bring ID and insurance card for registration at the hospital.

     -Take only medications that are required by the anesthesia provider;  Example: Beta blockers.

     -Remove dentures, contact lenses.

     -Disclose of any cuts, bruises, loose teeth, etc.

     -Check your hospital badge for the correct spelling of your name and date of birth.

     -No food on the day of surgery decreases the patient’s risk of aspiration or pneumonia.

      No exceptions!

     -No breakfast or coffee with cream. Protein is like curd in the stomach.

     -No gum chewing or hard candy on the day of surgery. This increases gastric secretions.

2) Questions the CRNA Will Ask You:

     -Any allergies to any medications or latex?

     -Any family history of anesthetic complications? i.e., Malignant hyperthermia, 
      prolonged sedation from general anesthesia.

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