Weight Loss

Weight Loss Before Surgery
Weight loss before surgery
Weight loss before an elective surgery may be necessary for some obese patients.  This should be discussed with your surgeon.

Generally, patients who have a high basal metabolic index (BMI) greater than 35% have greater risks for complications like heart attacks, strokes, deep vein thrombosis, obstructive sleep apnea, and prolonged sedation or wake up, because the anesthetic agents like Desflurane and Propofol used in surgery get absorbed in the fatty tissues.

Depending on the length of surgery, these patients may require a night in the intensive care unit after surgery with a breathing tube, remain sedated, and may require additional time on the ventilator. 

Frequent monitoring of vital signs and continuous oximetry monitoring are important for monitoring for airway obstruction or signs of undiagnosed or diagnosed sleep apnea.  

Sometimes patients who undergo long surgeries and anesthesia have to remain intubated and sedated in the ICU until the next morning.  Weaning measures have to be started the next morning or a few days later until the patient is awake and stable enough to breathe on their own.

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