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Rotisserie Chicken
'Stretch the Chicken'
Easy Meals - 'Stretching the Chicken' - Chicken Recipes

There are many ways to use and reuse a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket.

This will lower your stress level since you will have many meals that can be yielded from just one chicken.  In turn these meals should turn out to be quite healthy, and can be a part of your pre and post-surgery health and fitness regimen.

What you can do:

1)  Buy a whole rotisserie chicken from the supermarket, and eat the chicken for one meal, leaving some amount of meat still on the chicken.

2)  After the meal, don’t throw the carcass away, but use it for chicken noodle soup:

     a) Add 2 quarts of water in a stock pot.

     b) Add the remaining chicken carcass. Boil until the meat softens and comes off. This may take 30-40 mins.  Allow it to cool.

     c) Carefully remove the bones, meat, and fat from the pot, leaving the chicken broth.  Save the meat, you can discard the bones and fat at this point.

     d) In a separate pot, boil spaghetti or macaroni pasta per the directions on the box.

     e) After cooking the pasta, add it to the already made boiled chicken broth.  Season to your desired taste by adding sea salt and/or pepper.

3)  **You can freeze the chicken broth made above for future use in case you need it after surgery.

4)  If you had several pieces of chicken meat leftover you can use it to make stir-fried meals, chicken tacos, or use it to make a salad with the chicken meat tossed on top of the salad.
     There are ready made organic salads that are triple pre-washed in the refrigerator section of your local supermarket. There are also pre-washed packaged vegetables for stir-fried vegetables.  You can combine these with the chicken meat in whatever way you choose.  Enjoy and get healthy!

chicken tacos with whole wheat wrap
chicken tacos with salsa, lettuce, quinoa, whole wheat wrap
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